Im Augustine kiawu, but well known as Lyrico GodChild born and raised in Liberia, a COUNTRY on the west coast of africa. Lyrico came to the united states in 2001, Nov 2. He live in maryland, silver spring for a year, than move to philadelphia, pennsylvania on january 1, 2003. Where he met couple of african and black american rappers. After a freestyle SESSIONS, Augustine was given the name Lyrico. Ever since than, Lyrico have become one of the best african artist in the african and american community. Lyrico was the founders and CEO for Lyrico/LIB Record. A hip pop record and PRODUCTIONS company, the young and talented artist also make his name in the hip pop scene, working with some of the well known upcoming artists around his way and in his city Philadelphia and also working with some big name in the industry. Lyrico have the OPPORTUNITY to work with Nick G, Vice President and Dj T. NYCE, of suckerproof djs/mota hip pop, one of America best and well known Djs company on couple of Dj Tnyce mixtapes release ride thru the hood, along with some of hip pop big names like Lil wayne, T.I. etc and Game Time, along with Keri Hilson, Game etc in the year 2009. For more info on Lyrico and how his life transition from hip pop/the world to Gospel/a Minister, please click on the @knggospelkingdom link. Lyrico first project  title I.S.M(I AM SENT ME) is set for release in march/2016 off his indie gospel label K-N-G Gospel Kingdom/Divine Record and the majors MPRE/SONY MUSIC GROUP/THE ORCHARD DISTRIBUTION  and will  be available in all major online digital music stores worldwide. Also connect with Lyrico on these social networking sites. @knggospelkingdom  Facebook fan page  Facebook page My Twitter page My Linkedin page .