K-N-G Gospel Kingdom, also have a DISTRIBUTION Department. KNG GOSPEL KINGDOM/DIVINE RECORD, just sign an incredible exclusive indie major deal with one of SONY ENTERTAINMENT subsidiary label SUGO MUSIC GROUP, who is connected with one of the music industry/world largest music company and major record company SONY ENTERTAINMENT, the deal with Sugo Music Group include distribution, publishing and licensing. K-N-G and it artists on the label rosters will get all the major resources a major artists receive from a major record deal, to prosper the artist career. From worldwide music marketing and promotion to radio airplay, social media marketing and promotion, publishing/music licensing to distribution. So with Sugo Music Group as K-N-G Gospel Kingdom partners, we promise to take your projects to a new level where other independent record companies cant take you or your projects or company. KNG GOSPEL KINGDOM is always looking for more opportunities to forwarder their label and artists career.